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Top Podcast Publishers

The Podcast Heaven team have put together a TOP 20 list of the Top Podcast publishers as of February 2023. The list have been put together based on the USA Audience statistics as of 1st July 2022. The following list of Podcast providers has been compiled by our America based editors and the Top 3 have direct links to the podcast websites in question.

The list is in order or Rank 1 – 20

The Top 20 US Podcast Publishers List

For the US Podcast publisher list, we have reviewed a large amount of online data from companies such as Podtrac, Statista and from our own experiencs within this industry. Our aim is to provide an insight into which Podcast publisher is used the most as well as being rated the highest. Whilst there may be similar Top 10 lists, the Podcast Heaven compilation is based on several metrics that are bespoke.

Our team of Podcast experts have added the Top 20 US list below:


The Walt Disney Company
New York Times
NBC News
Daily Wire
Barstool Sports
Fox Audio Network
Blaze Media
Cumulus Podcast Network
WNYC Studios
All Things Comedy
This American Life
American Public Media

The UK Top Podcast Publishers

The Top UK podcast publishers list has been compiled below. This list has been put together with a bespoke review from the PodCast Heaven guru’s. We have used our own sorting mechanisms, from ease of use to general popularity within the industry and sectors we work within. Why not also review our Top Podcast section, highlighting the Top individual podcast top 10. We will also be creating some Podcast VR Art submissions on the Podcast Heaven VeeR profile shortly.




Google Podcast

Spotify Podcast



Global Leading Podcast Publisher

Please check out the diagram below from September 2021, detailing the statistics for the top Global podcast publishers. It is clear that iHeartRadio is a significant global force within the Podcast industry. And is by far the most established and successful podcast publication resource. Whilst the statistics are 11 months old as of publishing this page, it is still very similar in terms of usage and popularity.

Top Global Podcast Publisher Chart

If you want to learn more, why not read all about what a Podcast is in our free guide.

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