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What is a Podcast

For those of you who are unaware of what a Podcast is, we have created a novice guide to highlight the key elements.

Firstly over the past decade there has been a surge in alternative mediums of communicating with each other.  This coupled with readily available technological hardware and increased internet speed, has opened up more possibilities in communicating with each other.

From brands and celebrities to governments and other public services, everyone wants to ensure they can get their message out as quickly and effectively as possible.

Podcasts are an Audio based solution that does exactly that.  This channel of communication post Covid19, has seen a huge surge in popularity. 

Nearly all Podcasts are available completely free of charge and can be extremely specific in the niche area.  For example a football podcast for the Premier League would be focused heavily on the latest news, results transfer gossip of the Premier League.  Or podcast on women’s fashion would be exactly that and therefore people gravitate to these types of Podcasts for relevance as well as recommendation from others.

Premier League Podcast example

Popular Podcasts

Most of the more popular Podcasts are from Radio companies and TV companies, especially as this is their core medium of existing communication.  However companies and brands are now joining this Audio revolution as well as comedians, celebrities, religious institutions, sporting experts and news channels. Celebrities like Laura Whitmore and Michelle Obama are 2 great success stories for Podcasters who are popular.

They open up some great discussions and are great ways to get a message across to fans, customers and any who you want to target your audience too. We have listed some of the Podcast Heaven team members top podcasts for our readers to review.

Most podcasts operate “Series” such as Series 1-52 would reflect 52 weeks of weekly sports news. 

Another great benefit of a podcast is the fact that you can listen to it at any time.  Therefore the convenience factor is extremely appealing, especially if you are on a long train journey.  You don’t even need internet access for your mobile device, you can pre-download ready for your own needs.

Successful Podcasts

In the UK one particular ex professional footballer has had huge success with one of his new Podcasts.  The ex England and Liverpool ( And Stoke J ) football player was commissioned by the BBC to work on a new podcast.  Aptly named That Peter Crouch Podcast, it became extremely popular amongst football fans from all over the world. 

That Peter Crouch Podcast screenshot

The innovative style and weekly celebrity guests was an fantastic balance for the audio discussions.  For the first time you could hear some of the funny stories of the player stories from changing room pranks to manager arguments and more.

The Podcast medium appears to allow people to express themselves in a new and unique way.

The Podcast is clearly here to stay, easy to access and completely free to listen too.

Podcasts allow almost anyone to publish their own story in an audio book, making it more accessible than some other mediums. We will be publishing some Podcast news in the Podcast Heaven blog shortly.

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